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A 3-month Group Coaching Program designed to help you shift your internal world and build a life you love. 

Let me guess, you've read all of the self-help books and listened to all the podcasts but your life still seems to be the same. You try to implement change but it's complicated, stressful and uncomfortable. 

You're ready for help so you can apply what you learn and want accountability to take action. Let's build your dream life together! A life that allows you to put yourself first and step into your healthiest, most abundant self. A life of passion, purpose and freedom!

◦ Align and attract the lifestyle you desire
◦ Raise the awareness of your thought patterns
◦ Rewire your limiting beliefs
◦ Build self-trust, inner knowing & faith
◦ Build confidence & reduce feelings of insecurity
◦ Gain clarity around your goals
◦ Understand how to be consistent with good habits
◦ Improve emotional intelligence & learn how to deal with your triggers
◦ Stop overthinking and trust
◦ Cultivate a better relationship with yourself and therefore, others
◦ Your hierarchy of values & alignment 
◦ High level awareness techniques
◦ The difference between your weak self & your best self
◦ Your limiting beliefs & creating new ones
◦ The psychology behind fixed and growth mindsets
◦ Meditation, Breath work & Visualization
◦ Self-love & confidence
◦ Disempowering thought patterns
◦ Consistency & lifelong habits
◦ Money Mindset
◦ Life-changing habits & The Slight Edge Theory
◦ Journaling techniques
01 Weekly, live trainings with Katja
02 Weekly Q&A calls with Katja
03 Tasks to help you apply everything to you and your life
 04 Ongoing journal prompts to help you dig deeper and ignite self-discovery
05 Community group & support of like-minded women 
06 Worksheets & other resources
◦You know you have more potential and want more out of  life but fear stops you and keeps you stuck.
◦You're a people pleaser and constantly worry about what others think of you so you play small and safe for their comfort. 
◦You suffer from fear-based anxiety and constantly think about all the things that could go wrong.
◦You struggle with negative body image, feel insecure and can't stick to your healthy habits 
◦You constantly deal with self-doubt and overthink every decision you make.
◦You are easily pulled into negativity and comparison.

We all care what others think, however, you can learn to feel the fear and do it anyway. Trust me, no one cares as much as you think they do!

You'll be able to reconnect with who you really are and who you want to become. You won't compare yourself to everyone, only to your yesterday.

You'll be able to reconnect with who you really are and who you want to become. You won't compare yourself to everyone, only to your yesterday.

For so long I thought I was the problem. I’m not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. So I stayed quiet, played small & settled for a mediocre life.

At 24, I went to a Tony Robbins seminar & it changed my life, all from a shift in perspective. I realized I wasn't the problem, the system was the problem: the portrayal of beauty in the media, the silence around mental health, the toxic corporate environment & the definition of what it means to fail.

This shift allowed me to look at my body with more acceptance, share my story on social media, break away from Corporate America, build my own business and rebuild confidence.

Was it scary? Yes. Was it uncomfortable? Absolutely.  Was it worth it? 100x yes! All you need is an open mind and blind faith & you can change your life too!